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What Would You Do With $500? Apply for an AAE Scholarship or Grant Today
posted by: Jill | August 23, 2010, 08:53 am   

Here’s some good news for educators this fall: You could receive up to $500 from AAE for professional development or for classroom supplies. You don't have to be an AAE member to apply and the application is online. What do you have to lose? Continue Reading...

Los Angeles Spends $1.2 Billion to Build Three Schools
posted by: Colin | August 23, 2010, 07:47 am   

Next month, Los Angeles will unveil what some are calling the most expensive public school ever. The RFK Community Schools complex, built on the infamous Ambassador Hotel, where school-namesake Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968 while campaigning for the Democratic nomination, costs $578 million and will accommodate 4,200 students throughout its six pilot schools. Continue Reading...

Unions Infuriated by Teacher Effectiveness Anaylsis
posted by: Colin | August 17, 2010, 12:13 pm   

The Los Angeles teachers' union, UTLA, is in an uproar. They're rapidly organizing a boycott of a major newspaper, coordinating an intense letter-writing operation, and on an all-out messaging campaign. What's infuriating the UTLA, you ask? Accountability, transparency, and lack of control. Continue Reading...

California Unions Fight Life-Saving Legislation Over Jobs Dispute
posted by: Colin | August 16, 2010, 12:25 pm   

I don't envy adults who walk around with an EpiPen in case they go into anaphylactic shock due to a debilitating allergy, which are all too common. I certainly don't envy the parents of children with dangerous allergies, parents who live each day with the anxiety that their child might just be out of reach of an EpiPen or someone capable of administering the shot, when they need it the most. One of those parents is Mark Hemingway, commentary staff writer for The Washington Examiner. Continue Reading...

AAE Touted as Alternative to Unions
posted by: Colin | August 12, 2010, 12:52 pm   

This week President Obama signed a $26 billion jobs bill designed to supplement struggling state education budgets, touting that the extra funding will save the jobs of teachers that would otherwise be laid off. Sarah Lee, of The Daily Caller, and others have criticized the bill as being a bailout to the teachers unions. In her argument, Lee notes that not all teacher associations are proponents of the union model, specifically noting (emphasis added): Continue Reading...

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