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Teacher Desk Must Haves
posted by: Melissa | August 17, 2017, 06:58 PM   

Education is different from many professions in how teachers seldom have their own space. The classroom is a shared space between students and teachers alike, and teachers seldom have it to themselves. Even during planning periods, many teachers find another teacher or another class in their room. After school, the classroom is often co-opted for after-school care or extracurricular activities.

In this environment, the teacher desk, so often relegated to a back corner, isa refuge for the educator to think, plan, and work. The teacher desk must simultaneously be a place where an educator can escape from the chaos, and where a teacher is most productive.

This is why stocking your desk with the right materials is important. Getting up and crossing the room to get some material or another is damaging to productivity, and can also be physically difficult and potentially distracting if there’s another class in your room. At the same time, a disorganized or cluttered desk is likely to add stress instead of being the calming oasis that it should be.

So, what should you have at your desk? Our suggestions are below:

  • Essentials: Stapler, tape, hole punch, straight edge/ruler, paper clips, post-its, pens & pencils, and a personal pencil sharpener
  • Personal: Tissues, aspirin, band-aids, stain remover
  • Laptop
  • Grade/attendance book
  • Lesson plans for the day, open and easy to access
  • Textbooks, curriculum binder and/or resource materials for current unit
  • Substitute folder
  • An inspiring quote/picture
  • Pictures of your family and/or pets
  • A protein bar and bottle of water

What should you avoid?

  • Knick-knacks and gifts from students: Dedicate a book shelf or another area of your classroom to keep these treasured items. Make this area a monument to your students and your craft. By removing them from your desk, you’ll clear away clutter and avoid accidents.
  • Papers: Make a spot to store student papers close to, but not on, your desk. Ideally, they should be within arm’s reach of you, but not hindering your ability to work.

For more on getting your space organized, check out this blog from A Teacher’s Best Friend.

What do you keep at your desk?

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