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AAE Grant Helps Next Generation of Educators
posted by: Melissa | September 25, 2018, 07:35 PM   

STEM education is vitally important in preparing students for the future workplace, however many elementary and early childhood educators lack the training to teach the subject effectively. This is why AAE was proud to award GayLynn Ash with a national grant.

Ms. Ash was able to spend up to $500 enhancing the program she teaches, with necessary technology. Ms. Ash is an instructor in an Early Childhood Education program and wants to help her educators become better prepared to teach STEM subjects to our youngest students.

Ms. Ash’s school had recently won a smartboard through another grant, and now needed the technology that would support the use of this smartboard by her students. Specifically, Ms. Ash applied for two Chromebooks. These Chromebooks would be used in conjunction with the smartboard as these up and coming educators trained to use both in their classrooms.

They would be heavily relied upon to assist these prospective educators practice science lessons. They would also be used when Ms. Ash’s students followed and observed preschool age children. Said Ms. Ash of winning this grant, “It will make observing, notetaking, photographing, and understanding the abilities of their students more efficient and accurate. This will, in turn, allow them to be more aware of their students’ abilities, and help them to teach each child according to their observed abilities.”

When asked about the AAE Scholarship & Grant program, Ms. Ash said, “It was a simpler application process than I had expected. I appreciated that they were interested in the ‘why’ of what I was hoping to purchase, it made the grant more relevant.”

AAE is excited to be able to support excellent educators such as Ms. Ash, and we’re thrilled that our gift will be used to train and inspire future educators as well.

Our AAE Foundation National Teacher Scholarship and Classroom Grant program was designed to award passionate educators with up to $500. Recipients are chosen through a rigorous review process that involves AAE members and staff. If you would like to apply for a scholarship or grant, our next deadline is October 1st.

We are also looking for current AAE members that would be willing to help score applications. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please email

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