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Teacher Must Reads for Summer 2017
posted by: Melissa | May 02, 2017, 05:36 PM   

Teaching is a rough job and by the time that summer rolls around, teachers can be exhausted physically and emotionally. Those two to three months are essential for teachers to recharge and find new inspiration. The books below will help teachers do just that.



  1. disruptingthinkingDisrupting Thinking: In their hit books Notice and Note and Reading Nonfiction, Kylene Beers and Bob Probst showed teachers how to help students become close readers. Now, in Disrupting Thinking they take teachers a step further and discuss an on-going problem: lack of engagement with reading.
  2. All Day: A Year of Love and Survival Teaching Incarcerated Kids at Riker’s Island: A poet and actress who had done occasional workshops at the correctional facility, Peterson was ill-prepared for a full-time stint teaching in the GED program for the incarcerated youths. For the first time faced with full days teaching the rambunctious, hyper, and fragile adolescent inmates, "Ms. P" comes to understand the essence of her predominantly Black and Latino students as she attempts not only to educate them, but to instill them with a sense of self-worth long stripped from their lives.
  3. Cleverlands: The Secrets Behind the Success of the World's Education Superpowers: As a teacher in an inner-city school, Lucy Crehan was exasperated with ever-changing government policy claiming to be based on lessons from ‘top-performing’ education systems. She became curious about what was really going on in classrooms of the countries whose teenagers ranked top in the world in reading, math, and science.
  4. magdeburg
  5. Unshakeable: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Every Day...No Matter What: Unshakeable will help you incorporate a love of life into your teaching, and a love of teaching into your life. Learn how to tap into what makes your work inherently rewarding and enjoy teaching every matter what.
  6. A Train Near Magdeburg: A small town American high school history project changes lives worldwide. These are the observations of a veteran teacher - on the Power of Teaching, the importance of the study of History, and especially the lessons we must learn, and teach, on the Holocaust

What are you reading this summer?

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